I'm moving next week. I'm not moving ut of town but to a new host. I've lived in Belleville for 37 years, it's home to me. I know how you feel.
Rose | http://rosedesrochers.todays-woman.net | 14 Jul 2006 @ 12:06
In doing research about my gomtdarnhers death and life in general, it seems, the only information that I am able to find is where she is buried. My father was adopted right after birth in which stories passed down are contradictory. The stories that he knows to be true stem around a horrible tragedy, which he has to live with daily, and in all aspects, we, as a family, have to deal with. I'm personally commited to finding out some kind of truth. So this brings me here.I'm looking for information regarding who paid for and placed her headstone here at Mount Hope cemetery. Any phone number that I have tried has been disconnected another brick wall. I am looking at replacing her headstone as well, and I'm not sure how to go about doing this as well. I am on ancestry.com and archives.com and yet have found little to nothing about her 20 year old life. I feel like if I could contact somebody, somewhere that may still have records of her burial in 1962 (we had always believed that she dies in 1961), that I may be able to find just another piece to this haunting puzzle that surrounds my family. Please, if anybody has any information that may help, I would be forever grateful. Her name is Bernice Cornstubble. As well as longing for more information, and through reading through these posts, I am curious as to what exactly will happen to this cemetery should worse case come true. I guess I just do not have an understanding of the situation.Any help or information would be greatly appreciated. Have a blessed day!
Slow | dx7wk69zmm8@outlook.com | http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=10000346831 | 25 Nov 2014 @ 09:41
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